Brand Toolkit

Maintaining adherence to guidelines is essential to uphold the consistency and integrity of our brand. By respecting these directives, we can nurture positive collaborations and preserve the esteemed reputation of the brand within the Web3 community.

Brand & Logo Usage Guidelines for

In the ever-evolving landscape of the Web3 world, maintaining a consistent and well-managed brand identity is essential for a credible, transparent, and harmonious presence. The icons representing have been thoughtfully designed for easy recognition and accessibility in this diverse digital ecosystem. To promote proper usage and foster collaborative engagement, we provide the following brand guidelines:

Permitted Activities

  1. Social Derivatives: You are encouraged to use our icons to create social derivatives, but please ensure proper attribution to the source.

  2. Official Collaborations: For commercial partnerships, you may prominently display the emblem across various channels with our explicit consent, indicating an official collaboration.

Prohibited Activities

  1. Commercial Derivatives: It is strictly prohibited to create derivatives that incorporate our brand assets for sale without clearly indicating the source.

  2. Unauthorized Promotions: Using our brand symbol materials for promotional purposes that suggest a collaborative relationship with us, without obtaining our prior authorization, is not allowed.

  3. Competing Offerings: Developing products or services that directly compete with or replicate our offerings, including using the icon with similar attributes or establishing another social platform, is strictly prohibited.

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