🛡️Staying Safe on xfam.tech

Protecting your account on xfam.tech is essential. Here are some guidelines to safeguard your information:

Beware of Phishing

  • Phishing attempts involve trying to deceive you into revealing your private information. These scams often lead to spam being sent from your account and the withdrawal of assets from your crypto wallet.

  • Always check the URL in your browser's address bar when asked to log into your xfam.tech account. Make sure it reads xfam.tech.

  • Be cautious of Messages containing unusual URLs, even if they appear to be from friends. Avoid opening suspicious links.

Verify the Domain

  • Authentic xfam.tech login pages will always have a base domain of https://xfam.tech/.

  • When in doubt about a login page, navigate directly to xfam.tech.

  • If you suspect phishing, contact our admins on Discord for further guidance.

No Private Key Requests

  • xfam.tech will never ask you for your Private Key.

  • We will never request that you download or sign in to non-xfam.tech websites.

  • Do not open email attachments or install software from sources claiming to be us.

Evaluate Links on xfam.tech

  • Many users post links with URL shorteners. Exercise caution when clicking on them.

  • Consider using URL expanders available in browsers like Chrome and Firefox to reveal full URLs before clicking.

Keep Software Updated

  • Maintain up-to-date browser and operating system versions and install security patches to address potential threats.

  • Regularly scan your computer for viruses, spyware, and adware.

Public Computers

  • When using a public computer, always sign out of your xfam.tech account when finished.

Selecting Third-Party Applications

  • Be cautious when granting access to third-party applications. Avoiding the sharing of your Private Key.

  • Review applications with access to your account and revoke permissions for unrecognized or suspicious apps by visiting your account settings' Applications tab.

Protect Your Web3 Wallet

  • Safeguard your Web3 wallet and private keys. Never share them or enter them on unfamiliar websites.

  • Ensure that you are using legitimate and trusted Web3 wallet services to interact with xfam.tech.

Token Transactions

  • Be cautious when engaging in token transactions. Verify the credibility of the recipient and double-check wallet addresses.

  • Always use official and reputable Web3 wallet extensions or applications for managing your tokens.

Smart Contract Interactions

  • When interacting with smart contracts, verify the authenticity and security of the contract you are using.

  • Avoid sharing sensitive information within smart contracts unless you are certain of their integrity.

Stay Informed

  • Stay informed about Web3 security best practices and emerging threats to protect your assets and information in the Web3 space.

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