Platform Compatibility

Our web-based social media app is designed to be accessible on a wide range of devices and web browsers, ensuring that you can connect with others seamlessly.

You can use our platform on the following recommended web browsers:
Google Chrome
Apple Safari
Microsoft Edge
Mozilla Firefox
Enjoy the best experience with our app on Google Chrome, known for its speed and reliability.
  • Safari comes pre-installed on Mac and iOS devices
If you're an Apple user, Safari is a great choice for accessing our web-based app on macOS and iOS devices.
Brave comes with built-in support for Web3 and cryptocurrency wallet management.
Users on Windows devices can rely on Microsoft Edge for a smooth and integrated experience with our platform.
For those who prefer Opera, you can access our app with confidence, taking advantage of its features and speed.
Our platform is fully compatible with Mozilla Firefox, offering a secure and customizable browsing experience.
Make sure that your web browser is up to date to enjoy the latest features and a seamless experience on our web-based social media app.
Last modified 4mo ago