Follows and Followers

Discover the fundamentals of following and followers, the core components that shape your experience.


When you follow someone on, it means:
  • You're subscribing to their posts as a follower.
  • Their updates will appear in your Home timeline.
Checking Your Following List
To see who you're following, simply tap or click on "Following" on your profile or home page. From there, you can unfollow accounts if you choose not to follow them anymore.


Followers are individuals who receive your posts. If someone follows you:
  • They'll appear in your followers list.
  • They'll see your posts in their Home timeline whenever they log in to
Checking Your Followers
The "Followers" link on your profile or home page displays the number of followers you have and their usernames. By default, xfam,tech sends you notifications when someone new follows you.
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