Buying and Selling Shares

Acquiring and trading profile shares on is a breeze. Just visit the user's profile whose shares you wish to purchase and click the "Buy" button. This action will redirect you to a tab where you can both buy and sell profile shares with ease.

Trading Fee Structure

When you engage in trading a Profile Share on, a nominal 12.5% fee will be applied to the total transaction amount.

To ensure a fair distribution of these fees, we've established the following allocation:

  • Share Owners: As a Share Owner, you'll receive 5% of the fees generated from all future trades of your Shares. This is your share of the transaction fees when others buy or sell your Shares.

  • Share Holders: Share Holders will collectively receive 5% of the fees generated from all future trades of the Profile Shares they're currently holding.

  • Protocol: To sustain the ongoing operation and maintenance of the platform and its associated components, 2.5% of the fees go towards the protocol. In the event that a referred user makes a purchase, 20% of this amount (or 0.5% of total purchase) is deducted and credited to the referrer.

Explore the "X" Button

By simply clicking the X button, you can enter a user's X handle and search for Profile Shares of an X account, even if it's not registered on This feature enables you to trade Profile Shares of X users who haven't logged into with their X account.

  • These shares are entirely valid and available for trading, providing opportunities for investment even before creators officially join the platform.

  • The price dynamics of these Profile Shares will remain consistent, offering a reliable and dynamic trading experience (check Price Dynamics).

  • All Owner rewards generated from trading unregistered Profile Shares will be reserved and and creators will subsequently receive the rewards when they log in with their X account.

Important Note: Ensure that the handle matches the handle on their X account. The logging in through the X account on serves the vital purpose of preventing impersonation and ensuring the authenticity of each user.

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