Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


1. What is
  • is the world's leading web3 social media platform designed for crypto and Web3 enthusiasts. It offers unique features to connect users with crypto influencers and provides a platform for buying and selling profile shares.

2. How can I chat with Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) on
  • You can engage with KOLs and social media icons in the crypto sphere by purchasing their profile shares and joining their private communities for direct conversations.

3. What is the significance of owning profile shares on
  • Owning profile shares allows you to earn a 5% commission on all future profile share transactions, providing a consistent stream of passive income.

4. How can I access
  • You can access on various web browsers, including Google Chrome, Safari, Brave, Microsoft Edge, Opera, and Mozilla Firefox.

5. What are the key sections in the app?
  • is the world's leading web3 social media platform designed for crypto and Web3 enthusiasts. It offers unique features to connect users with crypto influencers and provides a platform for buying and selling profile shares.

6. How can I create and interact with posts on
  • You can create posts by typing your message, adding media (photos, videos, GIFs), using hashtags, and mentions. You can also customize the privacy settings of your posts. Interact with posts by liking, reposting, and commenting.

7. What are Share Owners and Share Holders on
  • Share Owners monetize their presence by offering profile shares, while Share Holders gain exclusive content access. Both Share Owners and Share Holders earn from profile share transactions.

8. What happens to the value of profile shares on
  • The value of profile shares is influenced by the popularity and engagement of the profile. Shares may increase in value with rising popularity but may decrease if the profile's appeal wanes.

9. How does the referral system work on
  • You can invite friends to join, and when they purchase shares, you'll receive 2.5% of the total trades involving those shares.

10. How can I customize my profile?
  • You can customize your profile by adding a profile picture, header photo, bio, username, location, and a link to your website.


11. What sign-up methods can I use for
  • Users first sign up with a Google account to create their account and wallet. They can then connect their X/Twitter account.

12. Can I sign up with only a X/Twitter account?
  • Every user must use an additional sign-in method to avoid losing access to their funds if their Twitter account is suspended.

13. How do I activate my account?
  • You need to deposit a minimum of 0.001 ETH to activate your account. This activation is essential for participating in profile share transactions.

14. Can the team tell me the Google account associated with my Twitter account?
  • Our support team cannot share information regarding any user's signup method to protect private customer information.

15. Why am I seeing the "Twitter user already exists" message on the app? Why is the app asking me for another invite code when I already created an account with an invite code?
  • Seeing either of these means that you have used a new login method, and the app is asking you to create a new account. To access your original account, log out and use your original sign-in method.

16. Why am I seeing a screen that says my account is already logged in?
  • This is an issue with the Twitter app. To resolve it, you can log out of Twitter, attempt to link again, and log back into Twitter when prompted.

17. Can I change my sign-in method?
  • Users cannot change the original email address or phone number they signed up with.


18. What chain/network does use?
  • uses Starknet.

19. How can I deposit ETH to my account?
  • You have two options: (1) Send ETH on the Starknet network to your address using a wallet app such as Metamask, or (2) deposit ETH from Ethereum mainnet at

20. I transferred funds to my wallet address on Ethereum mainnet instead of Starknet. Can I recover them?
  • After you complete your sign-up, you can export the private key for the wallet associated with this account in the app settings. You can then use a different wallet app such as Metamask to access your funds on Ethereum mainnet.

21. How can I withdraw my ETH?
  • Tap your wallet balance in the top right corner of the app and tap the Withdraw button. Your funds will be transferred to the address you specify on Starknet.


22. What should I do if I encounter issues on
  • You can start by refreshing the page, clearing your browser cache, restarting your device, and updating your browser. For more complex issues, contact the support team.

23. How can I report problems or provide feedback on
  • You can share your feedback through the platform or create a support ticket. The platform welcomes user input to enhance services.

24. What happens if my X/Twitter account gets suspended?
  • Even if your X/Twitter account is suspended, you can log in to your account using your email.

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