Understanding Profile Shares

At xfam.tech, Profile Shares is a dynamic ecosystem where content creators, influencers, and their followers engage in a mutually rewarding relationship.

Share Owners (Supply Side): Share Owners leverage their popularity to monetize their presence, providing a space for their followers to benefit from their engaging content.

Share Holders (Demand Side): Share Holders gain exclusive access to content, including Premium Posts and Private Group Chat. Additionally, they have the potential to earn from their investments.

Becoming a Share Owner

  • Activate your account and claim ownership of your Profile Shares.

  • Share Owners receive 5% of the fees each time someone trades their profile shares, which means earning a portion of the transaction fees when others buy or sell their shares.

  • The key to increasing the value of your shares is to enhance your popularity, attracting more buyers and consequently driving up the price.

Becoming a Share Holder

  • Share Holders become stakeholders by purchasing shares from a Share Owner.

  • This purchase provides exclusive content access, including Premium Posts and Private Group Chat.

  • Share Holders also receive 5% of the fees generated when others buy or sell the exact shares they hold, creating an opportunity for earning from these specific shares.

Activate your account and becoming a Share Owner today! This activation provides you with ownership of your profile shares, offering a unique opportunity to monetize your popularity while granting exclusive access to Share Holders.

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